Funny Info-graphics

“If you can find humour in anything you can survive it.”

–       Bill Cosby

Yes this is indeed true, no matter how difficult a subject is, if it is explained in a humorous manner and succeeds in making people laugh then think the job has been done. We all are well aware, that info-graphs are tools being used by various businesses and educational institutions to make a difficult subject easy and interesting for people to understand. For example, a science teacher can use an info-graph, to explain his class a scientific topic like Vitamin D. He will choose an info-graph that looks visually attractive with pictures of food which are rich in Vitamins and have texts and fonts with brief information about the advantages of vitamin D.With fun pictures, text and flow charts, information which might seem boring to many people can be made visually appealing and interesting to understand.

With this view in mind, funny info-graphics can also be created to educate people about serious issues but in a humorous way. The important thing is not to pass out information, but to make people take steps to implement what is being explained.

Relationship problems and dating tips- all of these topics can be made amusing by designing info-graphics in a creative manner. With the help of this info-graph I would like to make you understand how funny info-graphics can help in curtailing a serious society issue in a lighthearted manner.

This is a funny info-graph made by our professional creative designer’s team. The reason for making this info-graphic was to provide information to people about the rat population in New York. In order to achieve this aim, our creative designer’s team put on their creative hats and made this info-graph entertaining for the viewers. Funny info-graphics should always have pictures which are vibrant and bright. The page layout of this picture is thus very cheerful. The funniest thing about this info-graphic is the pictorial images of rats. Where some rats are smiling, others are being portrayed as being dead and some of them being angry. Others are bloated while some are being showed with cheese. The pictures are not only hilarious but they are also cute, so with adults, kids will also enjoy viewing this info-graph. In a very interesting and amusing way the statistics of the percentage of rats being found in different parts of New York like Queens, Manhattan and Staten Islands is being showed. There is no text only statistics, thus the funny pictures and images did the entire job in educating people.

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