Infographics have exploded the internet whether you like it or not. But our infographics design agency has recognized that with this explosion, comes another issue. If these infographics are not advertised correctly then it’s no use designing them. So our infographics design agency has come up with some ways to promote your infographics.

Start Advertising Your Infographic by Submitting Your Work to Online Infographic Directories

It is always best to start advertising infographics by first submitting them to various directories such as Daily Infographic or Our infographic design agency says that most directories would often display your infographic the minute you upload them along with the link to your website. However some online directories don’t come with an acceptance policy and they might take some time in reviewing and publishing your work.

Share Your Infographics Thoroughly on Social Media

Infographics can reach out there by being shared through social media networks. Our infographics design team recommends asking friends and family to share your infographic more among their social circles. On the other hand, posting your infographic on different social media platforms from blogs to Twitter can boost the reach of your infographic. This way your infographic can go beyond boundaries.  You can even reach out to influential bloggers and popular social media users who have an impact on the internet world.

Does Your Infographic have Enough Social Bookmarking Tools?

Our infographics design team suggest putting as many social bookmarks on your infographics as much as possible. When you have a number of social bookmarking tools, then your infographic will be shared through a variety of social media channels. This will not just create links but also get more online traffic for your infographic.

Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest!

Infographics have also bombed the internet through the photo sharing social media website Pinterest. Our infographics design team call Pinterest to be the ideal place for marketing your infographics as it can get the amount of online ranking and traffic that you are aiming for. Just like retweeting meticulously on Twitter results in a topic to end up on the list of online trends, constant pining of your infographic on Pinterest can make it popular the same way.

Make full use of Reddit

Our infographic designers have noticed that Reddit is the place where the internet and most social media take its inspiration. It’s the place where everything new is released first. Reddit’s section of subreddit is where infographics are first posted that will then appear on many social media networks and blogs. For instance, our infographic designers have monitored that the Tumblr makers and the community are keeping an eye on subreddit as more and more new infographics are released.

Creating a Video Version of Your Infographic

YouTube is another popular destination for viewers online. So our infographic designers suggest that creating a video version of your infographic is also another way of expanding the info graphic’s readership. Add a voice over and post it on YouTube!i

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