Picking the right design for your infographic that suits your content can be challenging and overwhelming. However, you don’t need to worry as there is an array of templates available for your convenience. You can choose the best one that depicts information in an appealing way to the target audience.

Here are some of the widely used infographic templates:


The main purpose of an informational infographic is to share text-based information. The information can be broken down into points which, in turn, make the whole infographic more comprehensive and engaging. An impactful informational infographic has three main factors:

  • An organised structure (using icons or bullets)
  • Main headings
  • Succinct paragraphs explaining the matter


Statistical infographic works best when you have a lot of data to share with your clients or target audience. The statistical template is picked up by those who want to add some evidence that verifies their message. They use pie charts and graphs to clearly portray the stats to the people.


If you want to show your audience how your business started and transformed into a successful enterprise, then using the timeline infographic is the best option to opt for. Such infographic helps you represent your business journey or the milestones you have covered.


The geographic template is a great way to present location-based information. The infographic comprises of maps that are shaded to highlight the important geographical information. You can apply various colours on the map to focus on specific areas and convey information on each to the users.

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