Infographics are a graphical visual representation of data and commonly known as “data viz”, that holds the attention of viewers instantly. The term “data viz” has been derived from – words, data and visualisation. Infographics are handy when you need to explain complex information or data efficiently.


Infographics hold the potential of explaining difficult information in an attractive way. However, designing Infographics is not a piece of cake, and you need to gather a lot of information to make sure the end product comes out engaging and knowledgeable. We will cover some of the important tips that often help infographic designers to come up with amazing infographics.


When creating an infographic, keep in mind that your main aim is to answer a particular question or problem. Dig into the issue that you need to acknowledge in your infographic and explain it precisely. Precision is necessary for infographics because a lot of text may confuse your reader or steal the infographic’s appealing factor.


Consider creativity as a key ingredient in any infographic that you may design as its ingenuity and design are the things that set apart it from standard charts you see generally. Consider an infographic as a poster that will illustrate your ideas for you. You can include typography, icons, illustrations and other design elements to make it stand out.


You may use diagrams, charts, geometric shapes and anything that will help people visualise your data effectively. Don’t use plain text in your infographic as it seems boring, try to use symbols and icons for some words e.g. if you are writing a telephone then you may replace it with an image or icon of it.


Organise your gathered information in an efficient manner. Make sure you have done enough research because if your information is incorrect or invalid, then even the most elegant design may not attract individuals. Try to organise your data visually as well as contextually.


You may add diagrams or symbols to your infographics but don’t overdo these things. Great infographic designers never exaggerate their infographics with visual elements and information.  Try to keep information and visual elements both in check to make sure your infographic has its simplicity and attractiveness in place.


Try to implement information into a relevant design to make your infographic more appealing. If the style and data do not match correctly, then your infographic will seem like a work of a beginner.

These were few of the important tips that you may follow to design an excellent standard infographic. However, remember to do as much research as you can before starting the designing phase.

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