Info-graphics helps to target larger audience base. However, sometimes the posts designed with info-graphics tend to reside in the unreached corners of internet where people cannot find a way to read them. This may also happen with your posts if you haven’t design your info-graph well.   In order to ensure that your info-graph will generate the required traffic, it is important to investigate some of the problems that restrict a creatively designed info-graph to face a considerable exposure over the internet.

This article focuses to explain some common mistakes that can potentially restrict the info-graphics in enhancing the effect of your post.

Info-graph must not be Difficult to Understand

While designing an info-graph, one must consider the basic concept of info-graphs. Info-graphs are the visuals that represent data in a simple and interesting manner that will not take much time by the user to understand it.

Most of the people conceives info-graphs same as they design for websites, brochure or fliers and design it on the same template. This attempts to clutter the data instead of simplifying it. Usually people prefer to read through data that is simple in nature with enriched visuals. If you have designed an info-graph that is difficult to understand or submerged with unnecessary data, then you must not post it as people will probably not pay attention to it.

Avoid Using Irrelevant Visuals

There can be any shape that you can adopt to present the information, but you are not supposed to add the visuals of your choice unless they matches the context of the message they are added for. For example the gears are famous to represent for machines and technology. If you like the gears, and want to present them in any of your info-graph, just don’t add them if your message is not related to technology.

Number Tables

If you have a lot of numerical data to represent, you must go to represent them with certain suitable visuals. Arranging the numerical data in tables is one of the major things that make info-graphs boring. This messes up the information and creates difficulty for the reader to read and understand them.

Do not tell Long Stories in Info-graphs

Although most of the people like to read stories, but you must not make info-graph the way to tell long stories and old backgrounds. You must present a brief outline and key points in such a way that the user may easily translate it in mind while perceiving the full view of story which you are trying to tell.

Avoid using Typography

Typography is a different way of writing that is usually used to represent the website contents. You can use it to design an info-graph, but they may not be as efficient as the visuals prove to be. Avoid representing data with typography if you can represent it visually.

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