Establishing an influential and powerful company culture aids employee engagement while simultaneously facilitating your company to advance and adapt to global fluctuations as your company critically expands towards success. Due to the advent of emails, collaboration gadgets, shared software, and company databases, businesses find it easy to provide work to consumers, but they begin collapsing as an effective company unit. The ‘20 Components of Effective Organisational Culture’ infographic designed by Alive with Ideas outlines the essential components that can restore productivity within your company while promoting a dynamic organisational culture. Moreover, we have listed below a few essential infographic designs for influence.

Best Times to Post

So if you think you can post on Social Media platforms at any convenient time, you are probably wasting premium content, merely by posting it at the wrong time of the day. There are specific time slots that serve best to achieve audience engagement depending on the platform that you operate with. The Best Times to Post’ by infographic design agency Shortstack is among the most viral infographics of 2018 which is phenomenally helpful to businesses that effectively produce interactive content but are unable to gain audience for it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.




Productivity Tips Used by High-Achievers

By Scoro

According to the infographic design agency entitled ‘Scoro’, 89% of the global population accepts the fact that they are not fully productive at work. The remaining 11% are nevertheless quite productive to wrap up loads of work. It is possibly unimaginable that infographics address more than 20 to 20 areas, but Scoro’s infographic of ‘Productivity Tips Used by High-Achievers’ outlines a total of 40 hacks to speed up the productivity rate on a slow day at work.




YouTube Marketing

By WeAreTop10

The world is aware of the storm that has taken over social media – It is so called, Videos. The key to success in video marketing is a platform widely known by all; a red logo with a persuasive ‘YOU’ within it that consistently motivates you to ‘tube’ i.e. to stream videos. WeAreTop10 has relentlessly invested a great amount of intellect and innovation to craft this infographic under the headline YouTube Marketing to outline all aspects of video marketing by means of maintaining an effective YouTube channel, something that every business craves to know.

Snapchat 101

By MDG Advertising

At present, Snapchat is identified as the most influential application under the social media buzz feed. Undeniably, the application did not just successfully captivate the common populace around the globe, but it also encouraged the growth of the corporate sector as more and more businesses invested their time and efforts using Snapchat as a mode of marketing and brand awareness. While there are some brands with an augmented follower rate snapping back for more, there are others who struggle to utilize Snapchat to the most. To achieve the purpose of erasing bewilderments concerning the app, MDG Advertising generated the Snapchat 101 infographic which creatively provides answers to all tricky questions that hinder good business.


1943 475 Snapchat 101 Infogaphic

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