As a business owner or entrepreneur, you will have undoubtedly worn many hats to grow your business, with one of them being the marketer and advertiser hat, of course.

Given the sheer number of searches on Google each day – over 8.5 billion per day according to a January 2022 report – every advertiser or marketer must capitalise on this astronomical search volume in order to grow their bottom line.

Well, enter Google Ads!

Here’s why you need to start using Google Ads now

Here are five common reasons you need to start using Google ads today:

1. Faster results than SEO alone

SEO still remains the backbone of sites that get frequent visits, especially those that have cleverly integrated keywords and many backlinks amassed over years of hard work. For a competitive business or a new one, it can take many years to see one of their own web pages pop up on the first page of Google – some businesses never even see that day.

The thing with Google Ads is that you have the opportunity to leapfrog organic search engine results pages (SERPs) in a massive way. There’s no endless hunting for authoritative and quality backlinks that will improve your SERP ranking; no obsessing over keyword density on your post-click landing pages; start running Google Ads and increase the chances of people finding your ad from day one.

2. Experiment with a range of targeting

Google Ads allow for a range of targeting options – for example, if you bid on a broad keyword search term like “baseball hat”, your ad will pop up fairly early in your prospect’s buying journey, giving you a chance to fill the top of your sales funnel in two powerful ways:

  • Capture a prospect’s information through one of your post-click landing pages and send them informative related content that reinforces your authority;
  • If the prospect does not convert for some reason, use specific retargeting software to ‘lure’ them back until they do.

Another potent method of capturing the attention of people who want to buy exactly what you offer, is by using long-tail search terms like “baseball hat for school teams”, for example. The more people there are using these specific and longer search terms, the higher their intent to purchase – Google Ads helps you find these people, and once you do, they are sure to purchase from you!

3. Google has massive reach

Google today is such a huge brand name that even has in own definition in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

With well over 5 billion searches a day, you absolutely need to be leveraging the largest search engine to help provide solutions to people’s problems. Everyone’s first instinct is to search on Google when they want to find something, so if you can help them with a solution (even in an ad form), they are far more likely to choose you and not ‘some other business’.

4. Results are easily understandable

Google Ads include Google Analytics which makes it really easy to understand things like clicks and impressions as well as keywords budget. It also provides granular information like how people are interacting with your website or how much time they spent at each page to help fine-tune your ad campaign.

5. Convert better

To have your ads seen by hundreds to thousands of prospects on Google’s network, you must have a very convincing and persuasive post-click landing page. When you do this, you can maximise ad spend through message match and focused design.

This is very important for Google’s Ad network to prioritise your landing page experience, because if it doesn’t, people will still end up at one of your old landing pages – such as a Home or About page. Google Ads help you create a fantastic landing page experience, allowing you to make the most of your budget and, hence, earn higher conversions.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on how Google Ads can help you dominate online rankings and more. Our Google PPC Ads team can offer insights according to your target audience and sector, which will benefit your online ad campaigns in monumental ways.

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