Providing crucial and meaningful information in a visually appealing manner is a tremendous job indeed, and this infographic justly stands out in the market in doing so. The younger generation really needs to be aware of inventions that occurred during a time before their birth and after that too, so that they can utilise that knowledge and devise something better for their own future. However, a majority of the population is so lazy that they whine for looking up such stuff unless it’s a school or college requirement to do so. TIME (US) made it so much easier for such an audience to easily absorb all of that otherwise lengthy information by just analysing the graphics on this infographic.

Inside the Mind of a Freelancer

A freelancer is worth more than an ordinary employee; just because a freelancer works at flexible times, does not mean that he is not under any sorts of work pressure or that he/she takes work non-seriously and casually. As flexible as their time schedule seems to be, the more complicated their job gets. Contrary to a 9-5 employee, a freelancer does not fulfil his role to the designated job; a freelancer usually handles a lot of work under his designation. Some freelancers are constantly dealing with designing, web development, marketing, content management, coding, and a lot more while upholding market competitiveness of the client’s work too. This colourful yet beautifully put together infographic by 24Seven offers all that you really need to know about the things that cloud the mind of a freelancer 24/7.


The Psychology of Poverty

As subtle as the subject matter is, so is it significant. Best MSW Programs really did a tremendous job with the amount of relevant information, precise statistics, appropriate graphical elements and the right choice of colour coding for the infographic and the text within it. As simple as the design is, it conveys the inherent message of this infographic very genuinely.


The Psychology of Poverty and Its Impact on Mental Health


Left vs. Right Brain

As a matter of fact, if you search up a few websites or look through a few books to study the left brain and the right brain, this subject is so complicated, detailed and broad that it takes you almost 20,000 to 30,000 word content to finally make sense of the concept. However, even after that if you come across another fact or general knowledge about the left and right brain, you would be surprised that you missed it out even after reading so much and your concepts would still feel unclear. But Online College really nailed this infographic by using two distinctive colours for differentiating between the left and right side and by simplifying the concept so nicely.


left vs right brain infographic


What Type of Learner Are You?

Yet another one by Online College. Once again, the use of four different colours to highlight four different types of learners is a technique that definitely has to be appreciated. As a matter of fact, the precise and necessary information provided is just what the audience wants to read and be able to analyse themselves as one of the learners.



The Neurology of Gaming

Very uniquely, creatively and smartly designed, this infographic definitely shows what it’s like to understand and then work on an infographic design which is audience targeted and revolves around conveying a central message. Online Universities has very cleverly used cartoony elements to deliver a sense and feel of gaming to the viewer while perceiving the infographic. The integration of a few gaming graphics along with text that normally appears on gaming interface is something that would really make the young generation read this infographic, hence fulfilling the purpose of creating it.



The Psychology of Handwriting

Since many generation, thousands of critical analysts have been trying to figure out the human psyche behind scribbling words on a paper. Whether its beautifully written, horribly scribbled, madly jargoned, or meaningless yet nicely framed; writing is something that helps human express just like speaking does, which is why there is such a need to understand the concept behind how a person writes and what drives him to write in that particular manner. With a dynamic use of subtle colours, this infographic by The Pen Warehouse really vividly outlines the much needed information for writers and ordinary people too.


Infographic on the Psychology of Handwriting by


Facebook Psychology

Facebook is a social media platform that is widely used by all age groups of the world today; anywhere and everywhere. The complicated and unanswered question as to why they use it is elaborately yet simply outlined in this infographic by Now Sourcing.


Learn the Language: What Code Should You Learn?

Considering the growth of digital marketing and how it revolutionising the globe today, it is considerably important to spread awareness among the younger and adult population about the importance of the coding languages that operate the digital world in the blink of an eye. Who Is Hosting This has used distinct colours to outline different coding languages and its significance along with the pay that a person would get if he takes up a job where he could utilise this skill-set would.


What Programming Language to Learn?


The Evolution of the Blogger

While blogging right now, or even while reading this blog not many of you would know that there are innumerable types of bloggers. Honestly, all we really know is that bloggers either write the content you read on web blogs, or they post pictures of social feeds and websites; that’s just a fraction of the blogging reality. In actuality, blogging is a vast field, with various options and diverse categories of bloggers. Flow Town has very efficiently jotted down the various types of bloggers for every audience to know, accept and relate to.


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