In our world of social media, marketing videos are on a rise to popularity. Consumer preferences have shifted from reading boring and dull text to engaging and captivating graphic visuals and film print. One of the most effective marketing tools, online video marketing has been able to captivate and grasp its newfound consumer segment. There is a growing need identified by businesses to heavily rely upon the internet, a wide-reaching medium, to actively locate desired customers and communicate their brand value and identity. Our infographics design company has identified this growing need by showcasing the upcoming trends in video marketing.

The popularity of online video marketing is evident through the success of YouTube. It has been recorded that about 1 billion unique visitors visit the site per month. Many video marketing productions are a self-explanatory visual that help other individuals deal with certain concerns or issues. Video marketing is also used on a corporate level by businesses to effectively promote and interact with consumers segments. The above infographic image designed by our infographics design company has provided an insight into the top trends of video marketing for 2015-2016:

  1. Interactivity: With the introduction of YouTube cards, video accessibility has become a lot easier than before. Through these cards, for the first time ever, videos will be able to be connected with external websites across all kinds of devices. Although they are not completely functional but in the next 12 months, some exciting ways of using these cards is under development.
  2. Connectivity: In the coming months, companies will be using AR apps which will connect them to YouTube’s video user guide and virtual technicians. These video tutorials will significantly cut tech-support call centre costs by 40%.
  3. Content: More and more companies are realising the importance of focusing on content and creating organic content. Over the next 12 months, it will be observed that companies will start investing heavily in ‘how to content’ that will link their content back to their brand value.
  4. Instagram: Compared to Facebook, Instagram provides 65 more times better connectivity to its users. As Instagram rises above its competitors, companies are realising the growing need to invest in unique content for it.
  5. Consistency: Companies are looking towards opportunities to build on subscribers rather than just views. In the next 12 months, companies will be found actively engaging with returnable content and not just focus on one hit wonders.


Our infographics design company has been able to crucially implicate the vital trends of video marketing for 2015-2016. Through the above creative infographic designed by our infographics design company, they have been able to incorporate captivating visuals along with important facts that need to be taken into consideration across the next 12 months.

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