Infographics may have become popular to transform complex data into simplified visual illustrations. Newspapers have recently started using infographics to explain complicated facts and figures to their readers. In addition to that, infographics may also serve as a cost-efficient option for publishers as it takes lesser space in the newspapers, allowing publishers to place more advertisements.

Usually while reading newspaper articles people may experience problems such as difficult terminologies, vast information, irrelevant data, complicated statistics, and boredom. These problems are referred as noise and they can heavily distort the author’s message to the readers. However, by using infographics, authors can explain any topic and deliver their message effectively to a large number of readers. Infographics might give a new and interesting look to the traditional newspapers and make an everlasting impression on the readers. In fact, publishers may regularly present whole articles in infographic styles in their newspapers to engage more readers.

Recently, our infographics design team at created the above infographic for a client who wanted to publish property prices of London in a newspaper. As a realtor, he instructed our infographics designers to make an infographic that showed five most expensive and five least expensive London Borough where people could buy properties under £2M. He specified to use less text and more visuals so that his clients could easily locate the places he is talking about. We at not only researched for properties under 2 million pounds in London in different boroughs but also graphically presented it.

Our creative design team at infographics designers showed a big map of Greater London and divided it into 22 divisions of London boroughs. Then under each borough they showed the number of properties available under each borough.

Property or real estate information might usually be difficult for people to understand. However, our infographics design team explained these difficult property facts and figures in a more comprehensible way through this infographic. Our creative infographics design agency has extremely talented infographics designers who worked their magic and worked with only minimum colours such as grey, black, green and brown, and made a design perfect to be published in a newspaper. We made sure that the design had only two colours so that it was print-friendly as using a lot of colour can be difficult and can cost a lot of money as well. This was challenging, however, our infographics designers worked through presenting this complex data in a visually appealing map. This infographic can be published without spending heavy amount of money and also allow viewers to understand and retain the information easily.

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