Usage of visuals in marketing strategies is not a hidden secret, according to a study, 53% marketers had agreed that 91 to 100 per cent of their published content in 2016 contained visuals. As more studies are glorifying the visuals importance, visual communication is now becoming an integral digital marketing tool.

But why visual has gained this much significance in marketing practices?

The literal meaning of marketing is communicating the solution of the customer’s need and desire. This communication of solution – marketing, is being done through multiple new and different channels. With more studies coming forward the impact of visuals becoming more clear to the marketer.

As marketing gurus came to know that more than half of the population is a visual learner, so why not leverage this tool to make effective marketing strategies.

Visual Communication Saves Time

We are living in a digital world where everything changes rapidly especially the flow of information. People have become more tech-savvy and agiler in picking up more information in lesser time. Human brain process anything 60000 times faster when it comes in the form of visuals which increases the urge in people to consume maximum information but from the source where they can get it quickly.

Just check out this infographic made on to give the best ideal man dressing ideas in no time;

Image result for man dress code infographics

Visual Communication Builds Brand Identity

A consistent vision of something makes people remember and helps to recall the brand. A business becomes a brand when it is deep-rooted in the human mind. And anything only gets into the human mind when it is well-versed communicated, and as you know the role of visuals in making any communication more clear and comprehensive to conceive for humans. Visual helps people to make an association with the brands that becomes an identity.
This Mcdonald’s Mcdelivery ad campaign is a quintessential of branding though visuals;

Related image


Visual Communication Creates Impression

Make someone emotional and impress, both are the most difficult as well as an essential part of impactful marketing. This point will be better understood by this advertisement of Adidas;

Adidas nailed the use of visual communication. It left the public impressed with a clear message of how fake shoes can harm you. Now imagine Adidas writes an article with the title “how fake show can hurt you”, it would not be one-tenth as impressive as this visual.

The Most Effective Marketing Tool to Leverage Visual Communication

So the point has become quick clear here, to capture the public attention in today’s world you’d better give them something that gets them more information in no time, and that takes us to one tool – Infographics!

It is not us, but the stats that make infographics that significant, more than 40% of the marketer agreed that infographics have a significantly higher engagement level than any other content. Infographic has all the elements to delivers the complete impact of visual communication. A proficient infographic designer can make an impactful infographic that would provide you with all power of visuals to make your brand stand out.

Check out this infographic from;


They published this infographic that contains the 12 advice of billionaire Mark Cuban that he gave for startups. The infographics influence the viewer to become an entrepreneur that is exactly what their brand is all about.

Many businesses are in dire need of great infographics that contains the ability to boost the brand image with the help of the most effective tool for visual communication.

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