The gradual rise of mobile ads has brought animation in a whole new spotlight. Animation was once used to target children’s topics through cartoons and animated movies. But now with the rising trend of Gifographics, animation is gradually being used to target issues which affect grownups and are important to them. Secondly, firms are slowly realising the importance of Gifographics and its impact as a marketing technique. According to our infographics design company, Gifographics are gradually being employed for their use of animated images paired with written texts, which could be a game changer in the advertising market. Our infographics designers have identified three reasons which would tell you why animation is fast growing to be an attractive element in Gifographics.

 Fun to Share and Keeps Your Audience Engaged

This one’s a favourite of our infographics designers. Long texts whether in print or on the screen are a big turn off for most people anyway. That’s why we don’t often share these tedious texts among our social circles! This is another reason why the animation of a Gifographic not only separates it from infographics but also makes it standout! Even videos on the other hand, don’t have that kind of appeal that an animated image in a Gifographic might have. Plus, our infographics designers has observed that most people often skip videos that are either long or have a boring layout. But the animation along with the bright colours used in the images of Gifographics can make anybody from a child to an elderly person sit up straight and watch it with fascination and joy! Our infographics design team realize that Gifographics are quite powerful with their funny cartoonish animations attached to texts that have a strong and a serious message for the audience.

Makes a Strong Impact through its Messages

Our infographics design company recognizes that most of the time, the animation used in most Gifographics is to lighten up the mood when the message of the Gifographic is a sombre one. For instance, a Gifographic on HIV exhibits a strong message to the target audience. However, through the use of animated images, it is made with a lighter mood so that the message sinks in the audience. But the idea behind using animation in Gifographics is to present a complex idea or a tabooed topic in a way that it does not shock or depress the audience; in fact it makes them ponder on the idea and leaves a lasting impression on them.

 A Growing Marketing Tool

All businesses, new and existing ones are now including mobile ads as part of their advertising campaigns. According to our infographic design company, Gifographics are slowly becoming an important part of marketing strategies for businesses. So based on their observations, Animation isn’t just used to target issues relevant to children anymore; it can also be used to target the grownups that were previously never associated with animated visuals and our infographics design team is very much aware of it. But now with Gifographics gradually becoming acknowledged, the element of animation can be used to present serious adult topics in an easy breezy manner through its use of bright colours and animated visuals.

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