There are many chemicals and dangerous substances that individuals are surrounded by every day. Some of these chemicals can be emitted into the digestive and nervous system to cause imminent damage. Detoxification can help in cleansing your system from all the pollutants that you breathe and consume. It helps in boosting your energy levels so that you are able to do the required physical activities. There are several medical therapies that can be used to reduce the toxicity of the blood and other bodily fluids. The infographic designers have added the different toxins that you are exposed to on a daily basis. The infographic design agency has made a detailed list of items that cause toxicity. Here we present some reasons why detoxification is required.

  1. Chemical waste

Research has shown that the exposure to the chemical waste can lead to many harmful disorders. You may think that the chemical waste produced by factories cannot cause damage as the factory takes precautionary measures. The problem is that the waste disposal system of industries might not be efficient enough to get rid of all the harmful toxins.

  1. Environmental radiation

The scientific infographic shows that there is some inflammation that has been seen in the brain as a result of extended cell phone usage. The infographic agency has elaborated on this point further by mentioning the radiation that can be caused due to air plane travel.

  1. Dumping

The medical infographic portrays the harmful effect that poisonous material has on the toxin levels in the body. These poisonous materials can contaminate the environment to a large extent.

  1. Synthetic chemicals

Many consumers are unaware of the harmful chemicals that are present in synthetic fabrics. You might not be directly affected by it but the chemicals can still get in your system through the clothes you wear.

  1. Canned food

The infographic design agency has highlighted the negative impact of canned food. Through high quality graphics the infographic designers have shown the plastic containers of canned food that causes harm to your digestive system when consumed.

  1. Household chemicals

Cleaning the house might not help in reducing the toxin levels, this is the reason many individuals use detox medicines. Many health experts recommend a clean sweep of the house to reduce the occurrence of allergies and other respiratory problems.

  1. Cancerous cell growth

Infographic design agency has pointed out in this scientific infographic that cancerous cell growth can be a side effect of the environmental toxins. Infographic designers have emphasised the importance of detox medicine through the rise in the number of people who at a risk due to the toxins.


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Published On: April 4th, 2015 / Categories: Design, Health /

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