After posting an amazing infographic online, designers usually wait for an overwhelming response. Some expect some hundreds of views, while others wait for thousands of likes and shares. But, unfortunately most of them don’t see the fulfilment of their expectations. So, instead of waiting for a remarkable response, why don’t you try out other ways that can make your infographic go viral?

By following these easy steps you can make your infographic standout and get the response you have always wished for.

Is it worth sharing?

There’s so much of everything on the internet these days that making your post or infographic distinctively the best seems quite difficult. Everyday around two million blogs are written and shared online but it’s your job to make your post worthy of all the attention. To do so, make sure your infographic is DIFFERENT.

From different we mean, something that is original and new to the internet. Recreating the same old stuff with revised contend does not make your work fully original. Make your infographic attractive and grasping by using more pictures and less data. Studies show that online readers barely read everything on a document, while pictures get more attention. Choose your graphics wisely and blend them well with the right piece of information. Once done, you are all set to hit the audience with your work.

Share it via emails

You might think that emails are no more effective but you will be shocked by the fact that people spend around 50 per cent of their time in their inbox. Spreading your infographic via emails can help you get the desired traffic. It is through emails that you can contact every viewer individually and promote your work.

Share buttons on your page

In order to make your infographic go viral provide share buttons on your page. This is because when viewers find anything interesting they want to share it with the rest of the world, usually on social networking sites. Know your audience, try to figure out which social networking sites they use most frequently and provide the share buttons accordingly.

Placement of share buttons can also impact the publicity of your infographic. Try to give these link buttons right above the infographics as this makes sharing buttons more visible to the audience.

Share it on social networking sites

These days internet is all about sharing things especially on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These are one of the most commonly used social platforms, where information is spread all across the globe in no time. However, when it comes to infographics, social networking sites may not sound ideal but that does not mean you skip them totally.

Make an infographic that stands out by adding informative graphics and descriptions. This will attract more viewers and will also let others share your work. It is important to know your targeted audience, for example if your infographic is something that attracts women then try sharing it on Pinterest, this can help make your work go viral quickly.

What is your audience saying?

When you are satisfied with the response on your infographic, you work does not end there. Communicating with your viewers is really important as they are the most important part of this entire process.

After completing any project try to observe it from the audience’s point of view and make sure that as a viewer the project looks appealing to you. Only then you will be able to understand how to create something that can gain the maximum attention.

Read comments written by your viewers and try to communicate with them. Respond to their views individually and try to work accordingly. This is the most important step that can make your infographic go viral!

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