Infographics are one of the best methods of communication available to us in the digital space. But did you know that you can also use infographics to improve your website’s design? That is what we will be looking into today.

Before we do that, let us first look at what infographics are. Infographics are visual representations of the information displayed in a variety of ways, from timelines and processes to graphs and charts. They make it easy to transfer complex, detailed information and extensive quantities of data in an easy-to-understand manner. And when using infographics to inform an audience, their ability to retain the information is improved.

So, let us look at how these infographics can benefit your website and discuss five reasons you should start making infographics a part of your web design strategy.

Visual Appeal

Few communication methods have as much visual appeal as a well-designed, eye-catching infographic. With low attention spans, most people will likely walk away from a wall of text. On the other hand, seeing an infographic presenting the same information using excellent visuals and minimal text is much more appealing.

That makes infographics a more helpful method of sharing information than paragraphs of text. And you can turn this into an advantage for your website. Any information you want to share will be far more compelling to visitors when presented as infographics.

With the proper use of infographics, not only are you able to share your information more effectively and efficiently, but you are also able to retain visitors on your pages for longer timeframes.

Brand Awareness     

Another advantage of infographics over other information-sharing methods is that they are easily shared. That is why including information about your digital platforms and brand is handy when creating an infographic.

When an audience enjoys and finds your infographic attractive, they are likelier to share it with their peers. Visual content such as infographics has a higher chance of being shared, primarily due to the widespread use of social media platforms.

This ease of sharing can help spread your message and increase your overall brand awareness. As your infographic is shared outside your primary target audience, such a spread can help bring more traffic to your website as people learn more about your brand from the infographic.

Link Building

Due to their potential to go viral and ease of sharing, infographics are a great way to build more links to your website. If your infographics are well-made, with unique information well-presented and interesting to an audience, other websites may be interested in sharing them.

You can also add social media sharing options on the infographics to make sharing them directly from your website more accessible. As the infographic starts spreading on social media, it is more likely to be picked up by more websites due to its popularity. These both help you develop backlinks and add more value to your website, potentially bringing more visitors.


That leads to the following reason, the SEO-friendliness of infographics. Backlinks are only one way that increases the SEO of your website. Infographics can also improve your website’s SEO rankings when they are made with SEO-focused keywords and effective use of meta descriptions and alt text.

These methods are effective techniques to boost your website’s ranking on search engines. Better rankings mean more web-traffic and more visitors to your website. That all leads to more engagement, which helps your website and your brand.

More Engagement

As your infographics get shared, your audience will start to grow, and interest in your content will increase. As we mentioned in the last point, visitors spending more time on your website will increase engagement.

When visitors comment on and share your infographics, search engines will continue to improve your ranking. This cycle creates a content feedback loop that will continue for as long as you share high-quality and exciting infographics.

You should now have a better understanding of how infographics can be helpful tools for you to add to your website design. Hopefully, this inspires you to start designing infographics for yourself.

At Infographics Designers, we are a leading London-based infographic design agency with years of experience creating outstanding infographics for our clients. For a free consultation with our team, give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss how we can add value to your company.


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