Everyone learn from their mistakes and experience is the key that made many professionals expert in their fields. We have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes that designers make. We will also discuss best possible ways to avoid these mistakes. These things will help you improve your designing skills as well as help you produce a quality design for infographics.


Before you start designing your infographics, do not forget your target audience. It may seem a little less important, but it is as important as any other guideline you may have to follow. If designers, design their infographic without taking prior notice what type of audience they have to target then it may lower the impact of their work. For instance, if you have to design an infographic targeting kids then your sophisticated design may fail in acquiring their attention. Kids like bright colour scheme and cute graphics, if you implement things like this in your design, then your infographic might become a success.


Start your design keeping in view your deadline and cost of projects. Give your best to come up with a fantastic design that will make your client happy but do not over do anything as it can bring in trouble for you. Take as much work as you can do with quality and precision. If you get a lot of projects from other clients despite having pending tasks, be honest and discuss with them if you cannot complete these tasks on time. Try to be optimistic and tell them deadlines on which you can complete their work.


When you design something, try to check guidelines whenever you get a chance to make sure you are not doing anything wrong. Checking many times may seem a boring task, and you may think it will waste your precious time, but it is a real life saver. For example, if you have designed something that does not follow client assigned guidelines properly then all your efforts may go in vain. Additionally, if your client complains about something, try to stay calm and check instructions as well as you work again. This way, you will know if it is  your fault or not. Remember a simple rule, never argue with your clients.


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