Within a few years, info-graphs have become very popular among many institutions and corporations. It is considered as being an effective tool which can help in explaining information in a consistent and organised manner. The representation of data in infographics can take various forms. For example, diagrams, pictures, icons and symbols. Info-graphs make it extremely easy to understand a topic.
Many educational institutions and organisations are now using info-graphs for different study and training modules. Teachers and professors have come to this conclusion that students tend to retain and understand the course better through visual representation. For subjects like history, literature and philosophy it often gets difficult to keep the students engaged because there is so much information to recollect. Lengthy timelines and theories also end up making the topic dull and uninteresting. Nonetheless, we cannot deny this fact that in order to understand the past; these subjects are a must and can never be overlooked. This is because history enlightens the students about all the other important subjects. You cannot understand politics, law, physics or science unless you study about the evolution of mankind, Newton’s law of motion and other similar theories.

Here is where infographics come into play. Lengthy information can be cut short or made more thrilling by using pictures and symbols. This fact can be illustrated through an example.
This info-graph covers a wide topic that is on first century. It covers a huge chunk of information, but the infographic covers each important event which took place in the first century in a concise and sequential manner. The use of pictures made the text easy to follow. Different civilizations are portrayed in this timeline. There were a large number of events which took place in this century 97 in total, regarding the Roman conquests and the demise of Jews. This info-graph which was made for a university did wonders in getting across the gist of the extensive topic which the students were learning. The colours and keys made it more organised to understand Paul’s journey, Jesus message and struggle other Biblical events and historical events which took place in the first century BC.

Published On: May 24th, 2014 / Categories: Education, History /

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