Feedback works in various ways, from a source of motivation to a reason of crushing confidence. We always hear and learn to give constructive feedback that can help in the shape of motivation to produce great work. Alright, we agree, but giving a constructive and an honest feedback are the same thing? Does everyone has the patience and courage to listen to a right feedback?

It is a fact that when someone asks for feedback they are actually expecting for the praise and applaud rather than their flaws. Feedbacks are tricky. So it is necessary to understand the other person before suggesting anything.

Giving feedback is a skill that needs to be polished especially when you are giving to someone who is working for you and that too in the creative department – Your Designer!

Feedback to the designer, who has the ability to boost your business with his skills, is a challenging task. So before taking this challenge here are some tips that you’d better go through.

Show your Trust

If I have to take a feedback or advice from anyone about my work I would choose the person whom I can trust blindly. Everyone happily takes the feedback from someone whom he can trust. In this case, you only have the word to build the trust of your designer, be very careful in choosing the words, it should not sound like that you are pointing out the mistake rather guiding him that how your feedback could help him to improve the design.

Understand the Dislike of the Design

It is difficult to make a designer work as per your commands, sometimes it takes several revisions and redesigning to get the desired result. No matter how much you dislike the design, never say that you don’t like the design or hate the design. These words can have a very harmful impact on your designer-client relationship.

Before saving anything get yourself clear first by asking yourself, why this design is not good? Is it the colour? The font? Or the pictures? Once you know the point of your disliking the design than precisely discuss the specific point with your designer.

Don’t Give Solutions

When the design comes out something below expectation just explain the problem and lacking in the design. You should not tell the designer how it should be done, designers do not like solutions because that would make the designer feel that his creative liberty is at risk. Encourage the designer to try something else and give suggestion where necessary but don’t make it feel like an order or a solution.

Add UX (User Experience)

Keep telling your designer that this design is not for you or your company it is for the audience. In your feedback keep your audience on the front foot and give advice as per your audience likes and dislikes this would help your designer to get a better understanding of your needs. For example

Don’t:  What on earth you came up with the idea of using of green colour? I hate it.

Do:       We are running a fast food chain, the design should excite the audience, and green makes the audience feel more calm and passive.

Provide Samples

The best way to provide a feedback or to help the designer is to give a sample of the design that you want. The designer loves to have the samples that save their time and make them better understand your command.

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