When you work in a creative sector, your mind needs to work like a machine to come up with new and unique ideas every day. You need to keep yourself updated with latest trends and always think about ways to incorporate everyday things or situations in your designs. A creative mind typically likes to wander around, cherish the beauty of nature and needs some time to come up with ideas. However, when you work in a corporate environment, your mind has to be a pool of creativity as well as excellent ideas.

You may require making different infographics for various clients having different guidelines and genre. You may have to train your mind to switch from one style to another and follow deadline yet not compromise when it comes to the design. In this article, we have compiled a list that will help you through phases your mind felt stuck in coming up with something new and good.

SCAN HARO – www.helpareporter.com

HARO is a short form for Help a Reporter. This website provides individuals with daily email newsletters containing pitches from bloggers as well as journalists writing stories on various topics. You can reinvent these compelling story ideas into an attractive infographic.


You can scan or search Reddit for some interesting facts or stories. These stories are a bit outside from mainstream. These events or stories may help you think of a theme for an infographic related to entertainment.


Many businesses advertise their latest study or findings via press release. For instance, www. PRNewswire.com offers you a luxury to search and also lets you see what news was most shared or viewed on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you search a website like this, then it can also give ideas for themes of infographics.


Twitter indexes recent tweets from 1-2 weeks only and from there you can get pretty fair ideas of current information. You can also search related to your need to get ideas from tweets and can turn them into infographics.


Pinterest is also a great way to get a stream of ideas regarding any infographic as many people pin their infographics as well as various attractive pictures on it. All you have to do is search your infographic’s topic. For example, if you have to design an infographic for a shoe company, search the word ‘shoe’, and you can get ideas from the search results.

You can also search infographic ideas on Google images; it is one of the most used methods.



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