Refreshing your old or existing content can save your time because creating something from scratch such as blog articles can require both time and effort. Your blog or website grow with the flow of time and audience increases (both new and returning viewers). So, there is a fair chance that many viewers will find your refreshed content as a new one. Besides that over the passage of time you learn new things and your mind develops new ideas for an old topic. Updating content into a new blog post or in an infographic will let you share your new vision with readers or viewers.

This article will provide you with some compelling ideas to update your content.


One of the most impressive ways to incorporate your old data or content as the new idea is to turn the original content into an infographic. Depending upon what data you are reinventing you can choose the type of your infographic i.e. standard infographic, interactive infographic, animated infographic, etc.


If you have found a new research that has changed your perspective on that particular topic. Then you can update your old post and share it again with your readers.


If you had written a lengthy post before and wanted to use it again, then a series of email can help you out. Simply break your long post into smaller sections to turn it into an email series. If your long old post has the answer to a tricky question, then it can get success as an email series too because everyone wants to know the answer.


You don’t require to rewrite your old content again if you want to reuse it. Many people like to watch videos and find them interesting. Think about turning your old article into a video podcast.


If you have too many blog posts or articles that are similarly themed, then you can gather them all and can publish them as an eBook. However, remember to share it on social media websites and link it back to your website to get traffic.



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