Designing an infographic and sharing it on social media network is not enough. Here is a list of social media networks suggested by our infographics designers that can prove to be effective for sharing your infographics with the world.

When Infographics are Given as an Answer: Use Quora

Quora is a question and answer social network where people can posts questions on various topics. While Quora is a highly underestimated channel but currently the community of infographics at Quora is increasing, so our infographics designers think that it’s a good place for sharing your infographic. Sharing is not the only way of marketing your infographic. Our infographics designers believe that you should also be up to date with what other people are doing. That’s why Quora can be used as a platform where you can post questions, answered by people irrespective of their age, gender, culture, religion or financial status. One way of popularising your infographics is posting them as answers. Our infographics design agency believes that this will engage your audience and will be a better way of distributing your hard work online.

When Keywords are Attached to Images: Use Flickr

Though Flickr is a photo sharing website just like Pinterest, it focuses on photography. Our infographics design agency reminisces when Flickr came in the digital market. Originally, Flickr started as a platform for uploading all photography work for personal and professional photographers. But then as social media networks of all sorts became popular, Flickr too altered its format a bit. With a total of 92 million users today, Flickr has proved to be an amazing platform for distributing infographics. Our infographics design agency says that the benefit of using Flickr is that with each infographic, a number of keywords and links can be added which makes the SEO’s day. It then becomes easier to access and the infographics can become easily visible as searching the keywords will lead to higher Google rankings.

Playing Infographics as Presentations: Slideshare

Slideshare is a slide hosting service on which people can upload presentations in various formats such as PDFs, PowerPoint, etc. Originally it began as a service for corporate firms to share presentation slides more easily among themselves but since then, it has evolved and became the “YouTube” of presentation slides. Our infographics design agency says that the integrated infographic player in Slideshare is what makes this website a favourite for most infographics designers. This special feature makes infographics accessible to the target audience who no longer have to worry about optimising the infographics anymore. With Slideshare also offering to share on corporate social media networks such as LinkedIn, infographics design agency believes it’s now easier to introduce infographics in the corporate bazaar.

Sharing as Pictures on Mobile: Instagram

Who can forget the ever popular Instagram? Instagram is an excellent channel for promoting micro content. Infographics can be shared through Instagram and configured according to the mobile format. Since Instagram is an app that is for people always on the go, it can be used to share infographics.

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