Many marketers have recognised the value of visual content and its place in the marketing mix. Infographics have become a great tool for companies or brands, who wants to communicate facts, data as well as valuable propositions in an easily understandable way. You invest your time and effort in creating an infographic and want to get the most out of it. People often face difficulty incorporating infographics into their social media strategy. In this article, we have put together few easy steps that can help you get maximum leverage out of investing your infographic on social media.


Each platform has its specific requirement, and if you want to get maximum benefit, then you may not take these for granted.

  1. FACEBOOK – If you wish to post your infographic on this well-known website then you will require considering some specific dimensions i.e. 470 x 246 pixels. You can post a snapshot of the most attractive and compelling portion of your infographic, or you can also request your graphic designer to create a Facebook friendly ‘snippet’.
  2. TWITTER – On this website, the dimensions could not exceed 1024 x 512 pixels and size limit is 3 Mb. The most efficient way is to post your infographic through a snapshot.
  • PINTEREST – Here you can post your entire infographic. The key ingredient is to add a fun explanation of your infographic and keywords in the subject line. Informational topics such as recipes, how-to, etc. do best on Pinterest.

There are other platforms too where you can share your infographics. However, do not forget to check their requirements too.


Prepare a strategy for posting your infographics to any platform. Keep in mind one question i.e. ‘Why would anyone care?’, then develop an exceptional strategy that can bring maximum clicks or shares to your infographic.

The best days to post on social channels are Tuesday and Wednesday.


If you wish to get maximum leverage out of a single infographic, then do not forget to repurpose it and share it on Slideshare is a famous platform and has over 60 million visitors per month. If your goal is to get most out of every infographic you post, then you may use this channel too.


Identify your target audience and then promote your infographics on social media. Make sure to know the audience of every social channel to know if sharing there will benefit your brand or not.

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