Many people get attracted towards visual content as compared to plain text. The attraction factor of visuals is one of the main reasons that visual techniques are trending over the web and has become marketers’ key ingredient in marketing strategies. Infographics designers add elements such as icons, photos and graphical illustrations that can help send meaning beyond written text.

In this article, we will cover all those things that can help designers in making a compelling visual.


Successful designers blend precise information with attractive and engaging visuals. Even beautiful designs may fail to achieve individuals’ attention if they are confusing. Alternatively, if you have written a clear message but it does not have an engaging tone then it may also fail to achieve success.

In your design try to keep balance in design and text both to make sure the end project comes up fine.


Before you start designing, try to take inspiration from different sources to know which designs are trending over the internet. You can also take inspiration from children books, graphic novels, advertisements even from music. However, never steal or copy anything, if anything inspires you update that original design with your creativity and try to take it to another height.


After you have decided how your design is going to look, the next important thing is selecting a correct colour scheme. If you forget to choose colour scheme before finalising your design, then it can complicate things for you. Going into the final design phase knowing that your client has given you the required colour scheme, or you decide it beforehand can make things run smoothly.


Simplicity may help you achieve your goals when it comes to designing, but it is not the only solution. When designing, clarity is important and can be achieved through different methods, no matter if the design is simple or complex. Some projects are by nature has a certain amount of complexity. It is designer’s job to turn even the complex projects into designs that reflect clarity.


If your client gives you a visually focused campaign, make sure to take extra care when you start designing. Try to follow campaign guidelines carefully, so that you know where your design is heading e.g. specific fonts, colour schemes, photography styles, illustrations, etc.




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