Want to know how to come up with an infographic that easily stands out from others, drives dense traffic to your website and goes viral on social media? This quick guide is all you need.

Do your market research

From the outset, it can be difficult to gauge if your infographic will capture your audience’s attention as intended – but when you conduct adequate market research, you can definitely create one which will get you very close to the key goal.

The best way to conduct that market research is to survey your audience by understanding the questions they are asking. You can acquire this information directly through surveys, run social media polls, or simply get a team to monitor what your audience is talking about on social media.

Google Sheets is also a great way to create a survey and then send it out at once to all your audience members.

Which topics have the potential to go viral?

Next, we need to carefully think about the topics which can potentially go viral. Identify some hot and trending topics in your industry and then take advantage of the existing momentum or hype around those topics.

BuzzFeed, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Google Trends are all superb places to know which topics are trending in your industry. Within all these platforms, you’ll find a “tending now” section which shows the most commonly searched topics.

You can bet one of these topics will serve well as the base for your infographic. Once you have worked with an expert UK infographics designer to prepare the design and content, you can share the ‘final product’ on your most popular social channels.

Prepare a content marketing plan

Before we even sit down to discuss how to create the infographic, we must first come up with a content marketing plan to ensure the highest return-on-investment.

It wouldn’t be wise to create the infographic first and then rely on fate to do the rest – there’s no guarantee that traffic is going to start trickling towards your website or social media channels just because you’ve posted a nice-looking infographic.

A robust marketing plan is always needed to get that infographic in front of as many people from your audience as possible – you can use email marketing, social media and paid ads to achieve this. Trending hashtags on social media will also help big time.

Think unconventionally

Infographics are excellent tools for getting a message out fast and showcasing your value proposition, sure, but with so much content being posted by your competitors (in the form of infographics and otherwise) – your audience members may feel “there’s nothing new here for us”. This is why you must think out of the box; as in, come up with a concept that really stands out.

Some of the ways you can approach this:

  • How can I make the topic more exciting?
  • Will particular fonts, images, symbols and graphics make the content more interesting?
  • What are others in the industry not doing that I can do?

Our team of seasoned infographics designers can serve as your eyes and ears, coming up with the kind of design and content that’s sure to win hearts and minds at first sight.

Published On: November 7th, 2022 / Categories: Business, Infographic Distribution, Social Marketing, Social Media /

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