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infographic design trends are meant to change and one should have a keen observation to identify those changing trends to get familiar with audience demands. Audience interest and preference is certain to changes with every now and then, it is definite that the trends that are currently important, may outcaste after some time, but for the moment, are extremely significant to stand out on the competition.

To be up to date has become the crucial aspect in order to stand out and have an edge in the competition. In designers market the competition is getting even more lethal with every coming day, advanced tools and upgraded version of software are the obvious things that every infographic designer should be familiar for standing strong in the market but going with the trend is equally and sometimes even more essential to shine in this intense competition.

For 2018 here are some infographic design trends for infographics designer that are essential to follow:


To make your dull static infographics cannot be better substituted by infoGifs. The audience today prefer more engagement in the content and motion in the picture is the best way to enhance engagement that attracts the attention of the person scrolling down your infographics. infogifs are easiest and best way to bring life to your content by making your content amusing and dynamic – exactly what audience want today.


Typography is an art that illustrates the text in such forms and shapes that converts the simple text into a creative an artwork. Well, typography has been in the trend for past several years and has been surely expected to rule the infographic design further. However, the designers should use typography as much as they can keep it readable.  The major essentialities of typography are that it helps to set the tone of content, make it professional and holds the reader’s attention.

Negative Spacing

Infographics filling up the with too much information never looks attractive, the negative spacing is the most significant trend in current designs, it makes every design attractive and easy to go through for a viewer, also it helps in building viewer’s trust by making them believe that your infographics are not just overstuffed with irrelevant information.

Custom illustration

Customization is the demand of today’s world, custom illustration makes the content completely unique, eccentric, creative and original which is the most preferred thing in the market today. Today Custom illustration is the most valued thing by the client as no one gets to replicate the design and the client get completely unique and different design that is made just for the client.

Story Telling is the part of infogrpahic design trends

Infographic is the combination of information and graphics but today’s digital era is all about storytelling which has now also embedded in infographics. People today are fonder of getting from anything that is followed by a story and what can be a better way to provide information with a story than infographics. Engaging story with the creative graphic design is the trend that going to stay for a bit longer.

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