The 21st century is all about information technology. These days data needs to be delivered in a much compact way and to do so, infographics have boomed over the internet. Infographics are visual representation of complex data, where information is delivered using various graphics such as charts, diagrams, etc. Infographics can help you gain a lot of traffic but if you post an infographic with nothing but irrelevant data and graphics then it can cost you a loss of several followers and clicks.

If you are about to design your next infographic, take a look at this list of do’s and don’ts for creating an effective infographic as this will be your guide to perfection.

1· Brainstorm

Before designing anything, it is extremely important that you make a plan. To create an infographic make sure you gather all the information and ideas on the given topic. Try to note everything down and once you have your idea on paper, you are good to go. Know your audience and design the infographic accordingly.

2· Collect reliable information

Presenting reliable information on your infographic should be your foremost priority. In order to do so, it is very important that you study your topic thoroughly and dig in for all the details. Blending the right information with appropriate graphics is also an essential task because a piece of remarkable information that does not match with the graphics is of no use. Also, make sure the information you provide is authentic and reliable to avoid inconvenience to readers.

3· Keep it simple

This is your main key towards an amazing infographic. It is usually observed that some infographics look nothing but stuffed information with complicated graphics. Remember, less is more and therefore, keep your infographic to the point. Avoid adding all the information you have gathered, only add information that enhances your design. Keep your graphics information simple, displaying everything in an organised yet impactful manner.

4·The right colour combination

Choosing the right colour combination can make your infographic look perfect. Infographics are all about visual impact, therefore choosing the right colour combination can attract more attention. In some cases, designers create an infographic with every possible detail but miss out on the right colour scheme. This can completely drag down your design. It is always suggested that you use colours that can set fit in any setting or theme. Using the 3-colour pallet rule can help. Choose one light background colour and two distinctive darker colours and for further detailing add the primary colours. The right use of colours can light up your infographic.

5·Add something different

Adding the right twist to your infographic can help you grasp a lot of attention. To make your infographic more attractive, add new information along with interesting statistics. Tell your audience something they don’t know, make them question and give them a different answer. This is the only way to stand out among those millions of infographic that are daily posted online.

1·Use the traditional charts and graphs

Try to be creative with your work. It is really important that you deliver something uniquely different. Always try to come up with new ideas and in case of infographics, avoid using the traditional pie charts or line graphs to present data. Instead, use new graphics and attractive information that says more than just words.

2·Overdo it

In order to look unique, designers may overdo it sometimes. This is when the infographic loses its simplicity, making it difficult for the audience to read. Usually stuffing everything in one picture makes it more difficult to understand therefore, avoid using way too bright colours or funky designs that make understanding of your infographic problematic.

3·Write more and show less

This is the point where most designer lose their grip. Infographic refers to showing information via pictures but most designers add more jumbled up text and long paras that make the infographic look boring and unpleasant. Try to use graphics more and write less, as pictures attract more viewers than text. Try to be creative and make use of words and graphics wisely.

4·Use templates or clip arts

Coming up with an original design is very important if you want to create a different design. Avoid using templates or clip arts as these are the most commonly used design and almost everyone has seen them. Using the same old layouts and graphics will not help you present your design in a unique way. Create your original designs and own ideas as this will help you to gain maximum attention.

5·Forget to cite your sources

Citing your sources on your infographic makes your work reliable and believable. Be more specific and try to give the complete context of your work. Citing your sources can make readers more attentive to your work as they can also search for the details themselves using your links. Try to use authentic resources and well-known sites, as this makes your work more reliable.

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