Simplicity makes the best design, perhaps we all are well aware of this statement. In the designer’s profession, simplicity means white or negative space.

A negative space or some calls it white spacing is referred to the blank space in a graphic design. This blank does not necessarily mean to appear on a completely white background. A white space can appear on a background of any colour, design, image, or pattern. It is the space between text lines, paragraph and between design layouts.

White spacing is a vital element of the design. A design that is jammed-packed with multiple layers, colours and layout make an unstructured and complex design to understand. The designer who usually made infographics can easily understand the significance of white space. Infographics designers are bound to make a design that makes the topic comprehensive and concise for the public.

Google uses whitespace on their homepage to make the user to just focus one thing, that is SEARCH!

Alright, let’s move from infographics designers, even normal graphic designers are obliged to use white space as an essential part of their design, all for good reasons. A professional designer uses it as an ultimate beautification element of the design. Apart from beauty enhancement white space also works in strengthen the readability as well as UI and UX on the page. Without white space, a design is nothing but a chaos of colour, text and layout mixture. Here are some reasons and example to look into, to make you better understand its importance for your webpage and business.

Enhance Focus

White space is not an empty space it is the tool of design to get the maximum attention of your customer. It is the most useful tool in instructing your user by highlighting the important parts for them. This COS online made a perfect use of white space by guiding the user were to focus on their design.

Improve Readability

Just like in design, white space is even more effective in the text. By keeping a suitable distance between character and line make your content more stylish and even easier for your users to read the web content much faster.

Improve Interaction

A quality use of white space improves to the ability of the user to have a good look to your website. Users get the input of your web content more easily and quickly. That would increase the chances of more interaction by saving users effort in your webpage searching by highlighting the call to actions. Just look at this E-commerce website big commerce giving a comprehensive experience to users to get what they came for.

Types of White Space

This tool of design is used in several forms some of the most commonly used types are;

Micro White Space

It is the smaller gap between the different features. It is used to enhance the clarity of the layout.

Related image


Macro White Space

It is similar to micro space just gives a larger gap between features to ensure the comprehension of the website.

Related image


Active White Space

It is used to grab the user’s attention and enhance the visibility of the design by adding enough space between objects.

Passive White Space

It is used to keep the proper navigation and highlighting the important elements of an interface by leaving a slight space between the features and elements.



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