Long posts or articles fuel your websites and blogs, and it is an excellent way to climb the ladder of rankings.  Google ranks you by the quality and length of content when it comes to websites. However, micro-content has another extent of benefits when it comes to your marketing strategy and it is a tricky game of seconds. You require capturing the attention of viewers in seconds. Does it sound a little hard? It is just a way to play things smartly.


Just as the name suggests, micro-content is short bytes of content, memes, visuals, and a short burst of content i.e. best suited for social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Not so long ago – back in 2015 Google announced that websites would also get rankings based on their mobile responsiveness. If you want more people to visit your assets (blog or website) or access your social media content, then you will need more micro-content to make individuals intrigued and interested.


Here are five effective ways to drive traffic from you social media pages to your owned websites or blogs.

  1. Upload a Brief Video to Facebook – Videos capture the attention of people scrolling down their newsfeed and they often stop to watch it. Make a quick video regarding the new course you are offering or about that new product you are launching.
  2. Create A Meme – For your Instagram fans, create a meme to show (not to tell) about your latest blog posts.
  3. Make A Lasting Micro Content – Introduce themes for your Facebook page like every Monday give your Facebook fans marketing tips. This way your followers would know in advance that each Monday the theme will be same, but there will be a different tip.
  4. Make Your Headlines Noticeable – Sometimes your headline is your only shot, make it sassy and clickable by using Buzzsumo.
  5. Email Marketing – If you notify your followers about your blog posts through emails then make it simple yet attractive four readers and give them the luxury of sharing your post with a single click (link).


Micro-content for social media websites do seem an attractive and comfortable way but do not invest all your precious time in it. Micro-content is truly trending yet long-form content is still valuable and to get ahead of your competitors you might have to keep a fair balance in both content types.

Published On: August 8th, 2016 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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