Intro: infographic design

They are engaging and versatile marketing tools, after all, but we’re also going to lay down some facts: not every story you want to tell can be or should be told in an infographic design. Why, you might wonder?

Here’s how you can tell if an infographic design is the right story-telling format

Before you decide your content format – an infographic, in this case – it’s important to think about both your story and your resources:

Is there a tonne of data that needs to be relayed?

On the one hand, we can argue that infographics are excellent for showcasing data – however, on the other, when you literally have thousands to millions of data points to present, an infographic just isn’t practical.

All that data has to be communicated in an easy-to-navigate format where the viewer will remain engaged from start to finish. You can certainly experiment with an interactive infographic, making the experience truly immersive for your audience or you could create a white paper or case study, which may likely appeal to your audience far more than an infographic.

When time or budget is an issue

Want to know one of the biggest mistakes most brands make today? Making content just for the sake of making it!

But you can’t blame them, really – there can be any number of reasons due to which a brand might want to do this. For example, to keep their content queue full so that their audience always has something to consume, or to stay competitive, or even to follow a trend.

Now, let’s think this through rationally: do you have the time, skill, energy and resources to constantly keep up with this and will your infographic do well every time? Because a shoddy infographic piece can do a lot more harm than good.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t resort to using infographic content at all, even if time and/or budget is a concern – the right team of infographic designers can make some very compelling content for you on a small scale, even when you don’t have the luxury of time or budget.

When there’s not much to say but you want to illicit a certain action

Ever heard of a ‘valueless’ infographic? These are typically infographics with very little to no copy and just illustrations; infographics that just want to take advantage of trends to let their audience know that they are “cool and trendy” but the actual infographic has nothing to do with the brand; and, infographic “stories” that would be better told as just 3-4 tweets.

You get the idea, right? Once again, you’re better off producing quality and relevant content rather than just churn out junk for the sake of it!

Talk to our infographic designers, share your ideas, and they will tell you precisely why or why not an infographic is well-suited to your key messaging.

Published On: December 12th, 2022 / Categories: Business /

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