We often hear people discussing and referring to infographics as eye-catching or appealing. It is a sure fact that coloured visuals increase individuals’ interest level of reading the content eighty times. In comparison to other types of contents, infographics get three times more share on social media. Companies or brands who implement infographics in their marketing strategy increase their traffic by 12 times as compared to those who don’t.

You may have known about some incredible advantages of infographics and how compelling they can get. However, you may not have known that making your infographic interactive can benefit you by making it easier to communicate with the readers.


An infographic that is interactive in nature combines the data and graphics of a typical infographic with interactive elements such as polls, surveys, videos, and animation. This type of infographic motivates the reader to engage with the content. Standard infographics have their charm but it does not enable readers to involve, and they may just absorb visuals.


Following four steps will guide you in making your infographics interactive that can get you valuable feedback as well as customers’ attention.


Get a clear idea about the data that you want to share with your audience. Infographics are meant to be fun, emphasising upon the importance of data does not mean that it can be boring. Find precise data that target your message quickly. If you are citing information from different organisations or brand, then do not forget to include links to original sources.


After deciding on your data try to add that context for your reader as an engaging story. Like any other story, infographics also require a beginning, body and ending. Break your gathered data into a brief yet impressive introduction, let the data itself tell the story in the middle and then wrap your infographic with an impactful conclusion. If you are using an infographic as a marketing tool then including a call-to-action (CTA) can also benefit you.


You have done the heavy lifting of collecting data, knowing your audience and managing information in an engaging story-telling manner. At this point, you will require will be doing finishing touches to make your final piece exceptional. Bring your infographic to life with a fantastic visual theme and make sure the design speaks to the customers in an interactive manner.

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