Infographics design is an art of story of telling that is cushioned with the mixture of perfectly balanced graphics and information. It is the major tool of attraction that has ultimate significance in this digital era. Infographics design are one of the finest practices that help in gaining multiple advantages such as, building brand image, increase business credibility and SEO boosting.

Infographic design is pure form art will help in companies to enhance their businesses, but sometimes the design gets too complicated in the urge of blending graphics and text. This article is a guideline for the artists (infographic designer) to make epitome designs with their skills and assistance of some tips

Know your audience

Infographic is all about creativity, and the definition of creativity is varied from person to person, so your first priority should be before anything else, is to know the target audience of your design. It will help you set the graphics and tone of the content in the way your audience wants it to be.

Make a centre point (focus)

The Infographic main purpose is to convey a complex information in a fun and engaging manner. However, sometimes designer makes it too complicated and messy as the designer distracts from the topic in an attempt of adding facts and figures. Make a focal point and sick to the single topic to make it engaging and help you to not carried away from the theme.

Decide a story

Think of story pattern before beginning your design. This will help to make scrap out the complexity and make you more focus towards the topic as well as help you to identify which information should add in the design.

Leave Empty (White) Space

In an attempt to make glitzy and attractive infographic design, the designer made a mistake to filled it excessive colour and information that most of the time viewer found unappealing and ended up by just scrolling down the page. Leave white space – A Good infographic design should include a balance of visual elements with the needed negative white space that helps the viewer to have a good look at your infographics.

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